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One-day tour to Kolomna Region
with a visit the Museum Pastila Factory
in the old Russian town of Kolomna.

If you want to see a genuine Russian province, welcome to Kolomna! This medieval Russian town, located about 100 km to the south-east from Moscow, is miraculously preserved in the centuries with its stone Kremlin, magnificent churches and monasteries, merchant houses in wooden laces and a local specialty, which is the famous Kolomna Pastila, often called simply Russian Pastila.


11.00 Guests meeting in the Kolomna Kremlin.
Guided tour through the oldest part of the city – the Kolomna Kremlin, which walls and towers remember the times of formation of the Russian state centered in Moscow.
Visit to the Kolomna Museum of Local Lore.
Visiting the unique tent-church built by Ivan IV (“the Terrible”) in honor of his capture of Kazan.
Sightseeing of Cathedral Square in the Kremlin with visiting the Novo-Golutvin Holy Trinity Monastery.

13.00 Russian dinner. Four changes of Russian dishes: the famous Russian soup “shchee”, pumpkin with a stuffing, grilled fish or meat, and of course Russian tasty patties.

14.00 A walk through the merchant Kolomna of the XIXth century.
After a delicious lunch experience, it will be time to take a stroll in a company with a pretty young lady Katenka. You take a walk along the embankment of the Moskva River and the merchants’ streets, arranged in the 18th century by Catherine the Great, and admire the views of the Holy meadow in front of the ancient Bobrenev monastery.

15.00 Visiting the Museum Pastila Factory with its apple storage and stockrooms of the 18th century, as well as workshops and the Museum Garden.
You will immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of the merchant Kolomna of the 19th century, learn the fascinating story of the birth of unique Russian delicacy and its dramatic fate, discover the secrets of making apple pastila as well as zephyr and old fashioned sweets. In Summer you will have a chance to collect fragrant herbs in the Museum Garden and make herbal tea with real living water from Russian samovar.

16.00 Russian tea-party with Pastila in the house of former owner of Pastila Factory the merchant Karp Fomich Chuprikov.
Kolomna is famous for its apple pastila. Pastila is made here already for 500 years. The merchant Chuprikov’s family keeps the traditions of cooking this original Russian delicacy and treats the guests with numerous Pastila varieties.

17.00 Departure to Moscow.

See you in Kolomna!

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